Campaign to Save Jacksonville’s History

The best way to celebrate our Society’s 80th anniversary is to prepare for the next 80 years. Your Jacksonville Historical Society is doing just that!

The Society is buying the old St. Luke’s Hospital (built 1878) and the adjacent Florida Casket Factory (built 1882) at Palmetto and Duval Streets and developing these facilities as both an exhibition center for Jacksonville history and archival space for the preservation, exhibition and study of all aspects of the history of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

The project has exciting potential and sobering challenges. By all measures–organizational, management, financial and future promise–it is larger than anything we have done before. It is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Historical Society to provide the community with one centralized location to study all aspects of local history.

The $5 million dollar project, which includes $550,000 for the purchase of the two buildings and 1.2 acres of land, will enable the Society to consolidate its large and scattered archive collection, provide ample exhibit space to showcase the Society’s historic artifacts, and present the public with a wide range of document preservation programs and materials. The facility will also include a studio equipped to record oral histories.

The Historical Society asks you to play a part in making this new history center possible by contributing to the Old St. Lukes Project. Your financial participation is critical to the success of this unique urban history center. Please make your contribution to the Old St. Lukes property.

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