Inspired by The Veterans History Project (VHP) at the Library of Congress, which was launched in 2000 to collect, preserve and share the first-person recollections of America’s Veterans, the Jacksonville Historical Society has been actively recording the oral histories of Jacksonville residents who, whether in service or on the Homefront, have born witness to some of our country’s darkest times.

Oral history provides historians and archivists with a mechanism to supplement the documentary record and fill gaps within the collections we preserve. Oral histories also tell stories in a way the written word simply can’t—in the words of those involved.

We invite you to listen to On the Homefront: Oral Histories of World War II in Jacksonville.

Interested in helping to collect the stories of men and women who have lived during historic wartime moments? A Veterans History Project Field Kit, available online, provides step-by-step instructions to collect and preserve Veterans’ stories.